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Name                 : Zen Pled
Birthday             : January 1st, 1993
Eyes color          : Purple
Hair color           : Red
Height                 : 169 cm
Weight                : 60 kg
Nationality          : American

Zen Pled is drummer of Broken Umbrella. He learnt playing drums by his self when he was 13. His genres are all kind of rocks.

Zen’s favorite colors are white, red and black. His hobbies are listening music, traveling, and smoking. He can be drunk sometimes.

Zen has become friend with Joe and Fyu since he was a kid. He has become friend with Dann when he was in junior high school.

<![CDATA[Broken Umbrella members]]>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 07:48:33 GMThttp://zr-utaus-info.weebly.com/my-utaus/broken-umbrella-members1Fyu Blow Picture
Name           : Fyu Blow
Birthday       : August 27th, 1993
Eyes color    : Red
Hair color     : Dark yellow
Height           : 169cm
Weight          : 59kg
Nationality   : American

Fyu Blow is bass player of Broken Umbrella band. He began learning guitar to Joe when he was 16 and started playing bass since he was 17. His genres are emo, punk, metal, and alternative.

Fyu’s favorite colors are yellow and blue. His hobbies are listening music and drunk. He has never been mad even if he is in drunk.

Fyu and Joe is best friend since they were baby. Besides, Fyu is Joe’s cousin. Fyu’s mother is Joe’s father’s younger sister. Zen and Dann is his best friends too.

<![CDATA[Broken umbrella members]]>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 07:38:26 GMThttp://zr-utaus-info.weebly.com/my-utaus/broken-umbrella-membersdan Luck Picture
Name         : Dann Luck
Birthday     : November 6th, 1992
Eyes color  : Blue
Hair color  : Orange
Height        : 171cm
Weight       : 60kg
Nationality : American

Dann Luck is the lead guitarist of Broken Umbrella band. He learnt playing guitar to Joe when he was 15 years old. His genres are pop, rock, and alternative.

Dann’s favorite colors are Blue and Black. His hobbies are traveling, watching soap opera, and playing the cards. His favorite thing is cigarette. He can’t be happy if there is nothing cigarette in his pocket. Besides, he can be drunk sometimes.

Dann is Joe’s friend since they were kids. When they were 14 years old, they always visited Fyu house. Besides, Dann is also Zen best friend. They play cards together sometime.

<![CDATA[August 25th, 2014]]>Mon, 25 Aug 2014 03:59:10 GMThttp://zr-utaus-info.weebly.com/my-utaus/august-25th-2014broken umbrella
What is Broken Umbrella? Broken Umbrella is my fist UTAU band. Joe Blaq is the vocalist of this band. I made their picture on March 22nd, 2014. The other members of this band are Dann Luck (lead guitar), Fyu Blow (bass guitar), and Zen Pled (drums).

May be i’m just little bit crazy. I have never seen UTAU band with the instruments players before. Many authors make UTAU group, but all characters of their group are singing together, not like my UTAU band. But I don’t care about that. I just wanna make my UTAU so fun.

Okay, I think just it that I can share about my UTAU today. I’ll post the info of each person of this band tater.

See ya!!